Syvid Integration in RankReel

In order to integrate with Syvid in RankReel, go through the following steps:

Step 1 - Login with your Syvid Credentials in this URL

You will get this screen as your Dashboard

Step 2 - Click on "Syvid Integration" tab present on the left side of dashboard.

Step 3 - Click on "Add New Integration" tab

Step 4 - Upon clicking on "Add New Integration" tab, you will get the below page

Application: You need to select RankReel from the drop down list.
Username: You need to enter RankReel username.
Password: You need to enter RankReel password.

Step 5 - Click on "Integrate" tab.

You will be notified upon integration

Step 6 - To check your Syvid Integration, click on navigation button present on the top right corner of your screen in RankReel. Click on "Syvid Integration".

You can check integration status of your connected account/s.

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