Twitter integrates live Periscopes into profiles and the timeline.

In-line Periscopes are designed to look like a hybrid between the two platforms. "This brings the Periscope format to people who have never experienced Periscope, or don’t know what Periscope is," says Aaron Wasserman, a Periscope engineer. Tap a video in the stream and it will expand and begin to play sound. You can view the comments and hearts inside a broadcast on Twitter, but if you want to comment or send hearts yourself you’ll have to tap a button to open it inside Periscope.

At the same time, you can interact with the broadcasts the same way you can with other tweets: liking them, retweeting them, or replying to them. That last one is important: Periscope broadcasts are limited to 100 commenters; Twitter replies mean that big broadcasters are likely to hear directly from more viewers.

However obvious it may be — integration has been a top user request for months — the tighter integration between Twitter and Periscope is likely to benefit both platforms. Twitter gets a more vibrant timeline, and Periscope gets a powerful new source of potential downloads.

And Livereel helps you to stream on 15 such platform in a single go. Isn't that amazing 

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