VidCuratorFX2 - Where is the option to connect to Facebook?

As you might be aware, Facebook has undergone big privacy changes and because of this they have updated their API and it is now required for all Applications to undergo a review process in order to use Facebook API.

We have submitted VidcuratorFx2 Application to Facebook for review and we are just waiting for the final approval. Due to a heavy workload and a huge amount of applications getting submitted at Facebook's end, it will take time. We have completed all the necessary documents and the matter is really out of our hands. Rest assured that we are making regular follow-ups to Facebook to expedite the approval of VidcuratorFx2.

However, our mobile app "ReelApps" is now available. You can simply search for "ReelApps" in App Store or Google Play Store, install it on your phone and login to your VidCuratorFX2 account to post/share your created videos on different platforms (including Facebook) using this mobile application. You can also download your videos right to your phone.

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