SharpSocial-What OTOs does SharpSocial have?

SharpSocial offers various upgrades to the customers if they wish to get a whole lot of helpful features and in return getting more revenue by using this wonderful product. You can click on the links below to check what the upgrades have in store for you and to help you decide which one to get.

Here’s a quick comparison of the upgrades.
SharpSocial Ace       $27.00
  • Use SharpSocial for Twitter.
  • Use SharpSocial for Instagram.
  • Use on Unlimited Facebook Accounts.
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns.
SharpSocial Platinum       $49.95
  • Use SharpSocial for Twitter.
  • Use SharpSocial for Instagram.
  • Connect & Use Unlimited Twitter & Instagram Accounts.
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns.
  • 5X Team Members License.
  • Developers & Outsourcers License.
SharpSocial Agency       $47.00
  • Use SharpSocial Agency for Unlimited Clients.
  • Use for your clients Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram accounts.
  • Charge them a monthly fee.
  • One-time fee. No recurring charges from us.
  • Fresh new service. You’ll be the first one to offer this.
The prices are subject to changes without prior notice. Please make sure to check the sales page for the most updated price of the product.

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