What is LIVEReel?

LIVEReel is a cloud-based software that allows you to “live stream” your pre-recorded videos to rocket them on the top of the Google, YouTube, and Facebook in just a couple of clicks, and you can go live on 15 live video platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Twitter, Smashcast, Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Instagib Tv and Mobcrush simultaneously. You can also schedule the time for your livestream that suits your niche, audience, and time-zone. You can also broadcast your live stream on your website and boost your website traffic that can attract more audience from your own loading pages, websites, e-commerce sites and blogs.

LiveReel allows you to “live stream” your pre-recorded videos to harness the traffic-getting, engaging power of LIVE VIDEOS

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