ClipsReel - What does ClipsReel do?

ClipsReel turns any webpage into traffic getting video in seconds. ClipsReel is a fully cloud-based app that can turn any URL into a traffic getting video at just push of a button. This amazing software will flood your website with massive traffic through Facebook, YouTube and Google. 
You just need to enter a URL or a piece of content, and you're done and you will start getting the 'big league' traffic you deserve! 
The process of getting you the massive traffic through ClipsReel includes the following steps:
1. Enter a content/product URL or a piece of content in the software.
2. ClipsReel will create engaging videos in seconds by pulling out the highlights of your content.
And you're done!
In customization, you can also add music, automatic voice overs, caption, logos, etc. to your videos. and start getting tons of traffic by downloading and sharing the traffic getting videos.

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